Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition And Training Photography is a Kent Creative Design project

To compete against your fellow jiu jitsu athlete is the ultimate test of one’s skills and ability, and the culmination of countless hours of training hard in the gym. Whatever the outcome of your fights, you’ve put yourself forward and stood up where most other people would never have the courage to. It’s something worth remembering, and that’s where comes in!

We produce high-resolution, pin-sharp, bright and bold photographs of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes in competition and in training.

As we travel around the country supporting our family and friends as they perform in their art, we capture large sets of imagery and we will share them for free on this website for the benefit of competitors and their families, and also for competition organisers to use to market themselves and their future events.

The photographs are provided in jpeg format in a pixel size that is great for digital use (posting on social media, for example). We can supply higher-resolution files to competitors and families for print purposes on request.
Please email to discuss further.

Whilst we produce these images for free at events that our children are competing in, we are available for hire to cover BJJ competition events that we wouldn’t otherwise be travelling to and would be very happy to talk to organisers of any event (adult or kids competition) anywhere in the UK and strike a deal that makes sense for us both.

We are passionate about BJJ and are keen to support the sport’s growth in our country.

Please do get in touch for a chat!